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Addison Basenback

What were you doing when you were ten years old? I am sure that like most Blair County pre-teens, you were not appearing on a nationally broadcast te;levision game show.  However, for Addison Basenback, it's a different story.  In 2019, she competed on American ninja Warriors Junior.

When I had the chance to talk with Addison, she said that she had watched American Nninja Warrior since she was very little.  Since she had taken gymnastics since she was three, that made her very strong and she knew that she could complete the obstacles from the show.  She said that she had never actually did any ninja until she was actually on the show, but she did practice the skills needed on local playgrounds and continued to condition.

You might ask, "How does someone from small town Pennsylvania get to be on such a national platform?"  According to mom Lauren,  "It is a very long process." She said that initally, she had submitted videos half-heartedly on-line without Addison knowing.  She said that they never thought that it would actually happen.  Then, they got a call from Califonria.  "We were shocked!"  At that point, she asked Addison if it was something that she wanted to pursue.  She was extremely excited.  Lauren said that it was all kind of a surprise because she did not submit all of the required videos.  She had just sent in a few things.  Then, once they got the phone call that they were interested in her, that is when she submitted everything that was required.  so, it definitely was a surprise....


To read the complete interview with Addison and her mom Lauren, please check out the upcoming book release They Came From Blair County due out by the end of the year.


** Information for this article was obtained through a phone interview with Lauren and Addison Basenback.

**All photos come from the personal collection of The Basenback family

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