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Marla Frees

Bedford native Marla Frees was born to a father who was a WWII veteran with two bronze stars and a purple heart.  He and her mother built a home in Meadowbrook Terrace, which was one of the first homes in that area.

Her father received those awards because of being injured in a field mine accident.  He was sent back to the states in a body cast.  Her father, who was an engineer in the rainbow division could no longer stay in the service.  He brought her mother, who was from the south across the Mason Dixon Line, where they settled in Bedford.

Her sister was eleven years old, when Marla made her debut in the world.

Frees says that God, the Holy Spirit, and the larger consciousness system had been a thread throughout her entire life.  She didn't know it, but there were things that were happening to her as a child that would be considered paranormal, psychic, visions and prophecy.

Frees was raised in the Trinity Lutheran Church and she became a born again Christian when she was fourteen.  She says that she was heavily ensconced in the church.  So, when the odd things started to happen, she didn't trust them.  She was actually saved in a horse accident by a voice that came to her and told her what to do to save her life.

Her mother was not a well woman.  "We don't have an exact diagnosis for her but behaviors such as "borderline", "Munchausen by Proxy" and "narcissism" were discussed with my therapist.  She was unstable and very abusive, I had to find ways to navigate her rage."

Her father, who came back from the war an alcoholic was not only a feed salesman but he bought a farm in Cumberland Valley.  "I was so blessed to have the experience of being with my father down in the valley.  We rode horses, fished and hunted together.  He had lots of friends down there and was such a good man." Frees and her dad went hunting together.  "Having the farm gave us respite from Mother.  She was so abusive to both of us." Marla's mother didn't do much except watch TV.  In watching television, "I thought that if I could get into that television set and become a successful actress, then maybe she would love me and not hurt me.  That was my thrust for leaving Bedford.  I had to get away from her.  "Frees ended up having a 25-year acting career, which she left in 2002.

**For the complete article, please check out the upcoming book release They Came From Bedford County due out early 2022.

**Information for this article was obtained through a phone interview with Marla Frees

**Photos were provided by Marla Frees

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