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Dennie Huber

It was all about the kids for legendary local entertainer Dennie Huber. Also known as Hubie the Clown, Dennie, who passed away in 2016, had been an entertainer since the age of twelve.  He was a singer, drummer, magician and a master balloon artist.  He also was the executive director for The Crazy Fest Talent Show for 25 years.


His wife Donna said that Crazy Fest came about because he wanted to give both the children and adults a chance to shine.  She adds, that a lot of times, they didn't have the opportunity to show what they could do.  So, Dennie wanted to give everyone that chance to perform and show off their talents.


Crazy Fest alumnus Typhani Russo remembers that Dennie and her family go way back.  She says, that her mom knew Dennie before she was even born.   They lived in the same neighborhood as kids and eventually Dennie played percussion for her mom's marching corps, which was called Jackie's Rhythm Pacers.   She adds that Dennie and his wife were entertainers at her very first birthday party.


Typhani relates that her and Dennie had a special bond.  They shared the same birthday, April 16th.  She says that every single year, he would send her a birthday card.  "He always called me his birthday buddy.  He always joked and said that he was the younger one."


Long-time friend and musician Jack Servello remembers that he, himself, used to play in a band called Prime Time and before that was a band called The Spoon River Band.  Prior to that, during his time with the band Midnight Skies that they were playing at The Brass Rail for country night.  This whole time, The Spoon River Band was advertising for a new guitar player.  He adds, "While we were playing, I saw Dennie talking with my parents and the next thing that I knew... I was talking with two of the guys from The Spoon River Band. " I, then, auditioned for Spoon River amd ended up playing with them for over two years and was featured on their 2nd LP album." Jack says, "That was what Dennie Huber was well known for ...always known for helping others and thinking of others, first."

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**Information for this article was obtained through phone interviews with Donna Huber, Typhani Russo and Jack Servello.

**Photo Credits**

1. From the collection of Typhani Russo

2. From the collection of the author Eric Shields

3. From the collection of Typhani Russo

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