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Gospel Sounds Duet

I have known my good friends Steve and Apryl Caldwell for nearly 25 years.  I met them through a business that I had back in the mid 90's...a talent agency.  I met Apryl and her daughter, who had joined my agency as a model/singer in 1993.  A year later Steve came walking through our doors and registered as a singer.

At that time, little did they know what GOD had in store for them.  Through trials and tribulations, they prevailed as a couple and eventually married.  One might say they were destined to be together.  They both had a devotion to God.  Apryl had known Him for most of her life and Steve came to Him in 1973.

In order to showcase his love for Jesus, Steve began singing His praises and had been doing so for a good many years prior to meeting Apryl.  Once they met, fell in love and married, Steve convinced his love to join him in his music ministry.  Since then, they have toured nationally from New York to Florida to Tennessee, performing for church's of a variety of faiths, salvation armies, nursing homes, retirement centers, rescue missions, street ministries, church picnics, coffee houses, malls, fairs, festivals and revivals.  They have gone where the Lord has guided them.  When asked where they see their ministry in the next several years, Apryl stated "That is up to God." We will let him decide.


For Steve and Apryl's complete interview, please check out our upcoming book They Came From Blair County due out by the end of 2020.



**Information for this article was obtained through an in person interview with Steve and Apryl Caldwell

**Photos are from the personal collections of Steve and Apryl Caldwell and the author Eric Shields

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