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Paige Morral

Loysburg native actress Paige Morral has been forced to take a break from her dream career.  Because of COVID-19, Paige moved back to her hometown in Bedford county.  She vows that once the pandemic is over, she will return to her life on the west coast.  Until then, she is working on saving for the future.  She also acts and sings with her mother's theater group, The Cove Community Theater in Loysburg.

While living in Los Angeles, she acted in a YouTube series called "Like and Subscribe" as well as a bunch of short films, independent films and a lot of student films.  She was also an extra in a few things.

Morral says that it all started with her mom's theater group as well as church plays and dance recitals.  Then, it turned into more.  "I decided that acting was my passion."

Her mom always told her that she had to always have a fall back plan.  So, she went to college for public relations and marketing.  While there, she continued acting in plays.

Then, she fell in love with her family's foreign exchange student and moved to Sweden with him.  While she was there, she realized that she wasn't happy in a 9 to 5 job.  She was really depressed and didn't know what was wrong.  She had an audition that came up.  She thought, "I haven't had an audition for awhile." She did this audition and it was a lot of fun.  "I realized how much I had missed it.  That was what was missing from my life.  Even though I was making good money in Sweden, I was not happy." She was working for an international watch brand doing social media.  She adds, "So, I gave it all up and moved to Los Angeles.  I ended up in this little one bedroom apartment with a girl who I barely even knew."

**To read the complete interview, please check out the upcoming book release They Came From Bedford County due out at the beginning of 2022

**Information fior this article was obtained through an in-person interview with Paige Morral

**Photos were obtained from Paige's IMDB page with her permission

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