Blair County

The following list of notable people were either born in , raised in or otherwise somehow associated with Blair County, PA.  This list is far from being complete.  We will be continuously updating it.  If there is someone that you feel would make a good addition to our website, please visit our submissions page by clicking the button below.

Abe Ajay- Artist

John Ake-Baseball Player

Randy Allen- Basketball Player

John Anastasi MD- Playwright

Jared Angle- Actor

Tyler Angle- Dancer

Harry J Anslinger- 1st commissioner of The Federal Bureau of


Elaini Arthur- singer **Featured Interview**

Billy Baron- Basketball Player

Addison Basenback- American Ninja Warrior Jr contestant

Leonard Beerman- Rabbi

Louis & Michael Beezer (aka The Beezer Brothers)- Architects

Michael Behe- Biochemist, Author and Intelligent Design advocate

Thomas Behe-Engineer/Scientist and Inventor **Featured Interview**

Jacob Belinda- Baseball Player

Charles Alvin Bell- Actor

Brad Benson- Football Player

Troy Benson- Football Player

Marisa Bertani- Actress ***Featured Interview***

Andrew Jackson Bettwy- Politician

Steve Betza- Corporate Director for Lockheed Martin

Michael Biddle- Javelin 

Dina Bilofsky- Dancer

Jeremiah S Black- State Supreme Court Judge

Dr. Maureen Black- Pediatric Psychologist

Black Coffee Productions-(consisting of Eli Austin, Nathan Larimer

          and Josh Rimmey)  - Video Production

Janet Blair- Actress ***Featured Profile***

Arthur Blake- Actor

Ron Blazier- Baseball Player

Rob Boston- Director of communications for Americans United for  

         Separation of church and state

Jeff Bower- Basketball General Manager

Danah Boyd- Social Media Scholar

Tim Boyles- Celebrity Photographer

Robert Broadwater- Author

Steven J Brown- Cinematographer

Paul Revere Braniff- Airline Entrepreneur

Philip Henry Bridenbaugh- Football and Basketball

Charlie Brenneman- Mixed martial artist ***Featured Interview***

John Buchanan- Leading Presbyterian Editor/Publisher of

                            The Christian Century

Lowell Burket- Discovered Hybrid Bird (Burket's Warbler)

Bucky Bush- Baseball Player

Willard Campbell- Entrepreneur

Crystal Cameron- Christian singer ***Featured Interview***

Bill Campion- Basketball Player

Samuel Canan- Military and Politician

Susan Candiotti- journalist

Andrew Carnegie-Steel Magnate (lived in Altoona)

John A Casciotti- U.S Department of Defense

Edward B Cassatt- Owner/Breeder of Thoroughbred horses

John Castle- Spartan World Championships

Tech Sgt John A Chapman- Medal of HonorRecipient

Marcella Cisney- Actress

Matt Claar- C-Span

Melinda Clarke- Peace Activist

Terry Clarke- Barbershop Quartet International Champion 1980

Sam Cohn- Talent Agent

Henry Colman- TV writer/Producer

Ripper Collins-Baseball Player

Dick Conlon- Boxer

Frank Conrad- Father of Radio Broadcasting

Robert C Cook- Founded software company "Systems Inc"

Mark Whitey Cooper- Actor and Musician ***Featured Interview***

Tom Corbo- Football Player

Kristin Cougar- Dancer

Frederick Counsel- Painter

Robert Edward Cox- Medal of Honor Recipient

Tomas C Creighton- Politician

Stan Crilly- Artist/ Photographer

Charlie Crist- Politician

Jim Curry- Footballl Player

Carole D'Andrea- Actress

David A DeArmond- U.S. Congressman

Gene Decker- Semi-Pro Baseball Hall of Fame

Robert Glen Decker- Actor

Kayla DeCriscio- College Basketball Coach

Sharon Sager Desch- Engineer

Lino Diaz- Baseball Player and Coach

Charles Dickson- Dancer

Paul C Donnelly- NASA

Gordon Dooley Actor

James Dugan- Historian, Author and screenwriter

Jon Eardley- Jazz Trumpeter

Blaine Earon- Football Player

John Ebersole-  Football Player

Helen Eby-Rock- Actress

Scott Edmiston- Theater and Educator

Josh Eggebeen- Film Industry

John Eichelberger- Politician

Keith England- TV Personality/Adventurer- **Featured Interview**

Glenn H. English Jr- Medal of Honor recipient

Barry Ernest- JFK Assassination Expert

Jim Fall- Tv and Movie Director

Ron Fiochetta- AAABA Hall of Fame

Ed Flanagan- Football Player

Kaleb Fleck- Baseball Player

Danny Fortson- Basketball Player

Rebecca Foust- Poet/ Writer

George L Fox- Member of the Four Chaplains on the USS Dorchester 

Brian Franco- Football Player

Jared Frederick- Historian and guest host on Turner Classic Movies

Jason Freehling- Actor

Donald Fuoss- Football and Basketball Coach

Candace Futrell- Basketball Player

H.B. Galbraith- Football Coach

Karen Gallagher- Tennis Player

Frank Gansz- Football coach

Brian Gates-Martial Arts, Stunt Man and Bodyguard **Featured Interview**

Lisa Gehret- Basketball Player

Wayne "Buddy" Geis- Football Coach

Richard Geist- Politician

Honorary Robert Gibson- Baseball Player, Federal Judge

Aaron Gilbert- Artist

Angie Gioiosa- Long Distance Running

Joseph A Giovinazzo-(stage name -Frank DeSal)-Actor, Dancer, Director

Kevin Givens-  Football Player

Chris Glass- Semi-Pro Baseball Hall of Fame

John Gochnaur- Baseball Player

Jaysen Gold- Singer

Martin Goldberg- Tennis

Shirley Goldfarb- Painter and Writer

Shawn Gority- Irish Folk Musician

Gospel Sounds Duet- Christian singers ***Featured Interview***

Jim Gregory- Media Personality and Politician

Galen Hall- Football Coach

Willard Lee Hall-  Actor

Brian Hallinan- Boxer

Hugh Halpern- Recipient of The John W McCormick Award of


Hugh Halpern- Director of the Government Publishing Office

Harry R Harr- WWII Congressional Medal of Honor Recipient

Steve Hatfield- Football Player

John Hayes- Pennsylvania State Football Coaches Association

                       Hall of Fame

Tom Healy- Baseball Player

Frederick Heck- Actor

Hope Hibbard- Biologist, Cytologist, zoologist nd professor of zoology

John S Hickman- Civil War Congressional Medal of Honor Recipient

Josiah Duane Hicks- Politician

Col. Jacob Higgins- Military

Dave Hoenstine- Baseball Player

Jared Hollingshead- model

Bryan Holly- actor

Doug Hoover- Biathalon champion

Brian A Hopkins- Writer

Hedda Hopper- Gossip Columnist and actress **Featured Article**

Avery Howsare- Football Player

Julian Howsare- Football Player

Adam Huber- Actor

Dennie Huber- Entertainer- **Featured Article**

Ashley Hughes- Former Child Actress

Robert C Hunt- Painter

Maxwell Hunter- Aerospace Engineer

Harold L Ickes- Politician

Fredina Iffert- Racquetball Player

Mike Irwin- Football Player

Pat Irwin- Volunteer for Mother's Merry Children's Center

Tom Irwin Jr- Bishop Guilfoyle Football Coach

Tommy Irwin- Baseball Player

Mike Iuzzolino- Basketball Player

Edwin A Jaggard- Jurist

Betty James- Business Person

Richard T James- inventor

TJ. Jefferson- TV Producer and Production Manager

Jerek- Actor

Stan Jones- Football Player

John Joyce- Politician

Robert Jubelirer- Politician

Theodore H Kattouf- Diplomat

Courtney Kaup- Triathlete

Chester Keefer- Physician (Penicillin Czar)

Denny Kelly- Actor, Film Production

Michele Winkler Kennedy- Helped Decorate The White House for

                                             Christmas 2017

Dave Kerr Jr - Beagling Hall of Fame

Donn Kinzle- Olympic Track Coach

Brittany Kleiner- Reality Show Contestant

Henry Kloss- Audio Engineer and Entrepeneur

Otto Kneidinger- Football Player and Coach

Michael  Koorman- Composer

Lionel Kranitz- Playwright

Kenneth M Kuhn- Painter/ Jazz Drummer

Jason Kuntz- Wrestling Coach

Jacob Banks Kurtz- Politician

Laura Kustaborder- Mountain Climber

Steve Lach- Football Player

Sam Lafferty- Hockey Player

Dylan Lane- TV Game Show host

Vaughn O Lang- Lt General in US Army

Robert E. Laws- Medal of Honor Recipient

Ricky Lee- Singer

Denny Lingenfelter- Baseball Player

John Lingenfelter- Race Car Driver

James Loy- US Secretary of Homeland Security

Bob and Joan Lozinak- Owners of The Altoona Curve

Chad Luensmann- Baseball Player 

Stephanie Lytle- TV and Movie Production Assistant

Dean Maddox- Musician and Tamburitzan ***Featured Interview***

Ronald Mallett- Theoretical Physicist, Academic and Author

Eric Malone- Watercraft Sports pioneer

Pat Malone- Baseball Player

Marvin Mangus- Geologist and Landscape Painter

William Abram Mann- Military

Anthony Mannino- Actor

Joe Martin- Baseball Player

Steve Mason- Broadcaster

Wallace McCamant- Jurist

Jon McClintock- Tv reporter, actor and Congressional Press Secretary

Bob McDonogh- Racecar Driver

Bob McGregor- Golfer, Model

John J. McGuire- Sci-Fi Author

Tim McKelvey- Emmy Award for Outstanding Period Costumes

Ward McLanahan- Olympian ***Featured Profile***

Matthew McLoota- TV and Movie Production

Tiffani McNelis- Wrestler

Jim Merritts- Football Player

Kevin Metrocavage- International Space Station Operations Manager

Curtis Miller- Basketball Player

Reid Miller- Football Player

Hannah Misera- Child Actress

Johnny Moore- Basketball Player

John Moorehead Jr- Golfer

Brian Morden- Actor

Chris Morrison- Actor

Jimmy Mowery- Singer ***Featured Interview***

C. Stowe Myers- Industrial Designer

William Myers Actor

Annette Nagle- Educator (Teaches students in China online)

George M Nagle- 2012 Presidential Candidate

Danny Napoleon- Baseball Player

Pauline Neff- Actress

William Nesbit - Civil Rights Leader

Jeff Neuman- Basketball Player

Julie Nevel- Author and Singer

Richard E. Nugent- Military

Leo J (Lee) O'Connor- Drummer

Dan Ott- Poker Player

Betsy Padamonsky- Actress and singer ***Featured Interview***

Jackie Paisley- Female bodybuilder

Mark Panek- Drummer **Featured Interview

Bill Parsons- Tennis Player

Maury Patt- Football Player

Dave Patterson- Marathon Runner

Georgina Pazcoguin- Ballet Dancer

John Pielmeier- Playwright and Author ***Featured Interview***

Mandi Pierce- College Basketball Coach

H. Beam Piper- Sci-Fi Author

Ashley Pletcher- Horse Trick Rider ***Featured Interview***

Matt Plowman- YouTube Personality

Rena Popp- Tv News Producer

Joe Port- TV Writer and Producer

Moses Port- TV Writer and Producer

Ray Prosperi- Football Player

Steve Prosser- Musician

Brent Pry- Football Player and Coach

Patricia Pyuen- Actress

Kelly M Quintanilla- Academic

Bob Ramazzotti- Baseball Player ***Featured Article***

Mark Raugh- Football Player

Samuel Rea- President of the PRR

Matthew Reed- Actor

Nunzio Rehm- Price is Right Contestant

Mike Reid- Singer, songwriter and football Player

John Reilly- Politician

Luther I Replogle- Nominated by Nixon to be ambassador to Ireland

Jim Restauri- Boxer

Luke Rhodes- Football Player

Renee Riccio McCutchan- Swimmer ***Featured Interview***

Charles M. Robinson- Architect

Mike Rose- Educator

Austin Rosenberry- Football Player

Typhani Russo- Model ***Featured Interview***

Emme Rylan- Actress

Steve Saive- Musician

Bob Savine- Jazz Drummer

Wade Schalles- Wrestler  **Featured Interview**

Tawney Nardozza Schmitt- Swimmer

Charles M. Schwab- Steel Magnate **Featured Profile**

Eric Sciotto- Actor

Cecil Harmon Scott- WWII Ball Gunner "Memphis Belle"

Thomas Scott- President of The Pennsylvania Railroad

Joe Servello- Illustrator/Artist

Susan Severson- Painter

Erika Shay- Casting Director

Scott Sheehan- Grammy nominated music teacher***Featured Interview***

Sheetz Family- Entrepeneurs

Steven Sherrill- Writer/Poet

Sara E. Skrabalak- Academic

Tracey Slogik- Basketball Player

D. Brooks Smith- - US Court of Appeals Judge

Denver "Junie" Smith- Decathalon

George "Germany" Smith- Baseball Player

Margaret "Peg" Augusta McCartney Smith- Writer/Poet

Harry Edward Soyster- Military

Ethan Stiefel- Dancer and Choreographer

Frederick Martin "Baldy" Stoehr- Baseball Player

John A Stormer- Author

Frank R Strayer- Movie Director

Earl Strohm- Football Coach

Wilmer Stultz- Aviator- **Featured Profile**

Don Swanson- Cinematographer

Tom Sweitzer- Playwright

Heather Taddy- Paranormal Researcher/TV Personality***Featured Interview***

Art Taneyhill- Nationally Recognized High School Basketball Coach

Steve Taneyhill- Football Player

Harry Temple- Football Player

Allyson Tessin- Geologist/Oceanographer

Brian Tychinski- Band Director (part of The London New Years Day 

                              Parade 2020

James E. Van Zandt- Politician

Andrew Kevin Walker- Screenwriter

Walkney- singer ***Feature Interview***

William B Walton- Politician

Fred Waring- Musician and Big Band Leader

Jennifer Lynn Warren- Actress

Rebecca Nori Wattenschaidt- Social Media Influencer/ Business person ***Featured Interview***

Jake Webb- Boxer

Doug West- Basketball Player

Mindy Weyer- Dancer

Red Whitaker- Roboticist

Daniel Hale Williams- African American General Surgeon-**Featured Profile**

George C Wilson- Entrepreneur

Dr. James Thompson Wilson- Physician, Inventor

Dennis Wilt- Educator

Tom Wilt- Boxer

Paul Winter- Saxophonist, composer and bandleader

Alfie Wise- Actor

Aline Wolf- Writer and Leading Thinker on Education Methods

Len Zandy- Basketball and Baseball Player

Edwin Zoller- Painter

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