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Nate Ross

Nate Ross has lived in Altoona his entire life for almost twenty-eight  years.  He is a huge game show nerd.  For years, he has been watching game shows and has been playing them with friends and family.  "That is definitely one of my hobbies.  In my spare time when I am not working, I just like to travel around the city, go hiking and kayaking and spending time with friends and family as much as possible."

He ended up fulfilling his dream of being on The Price is Right.  He says that he has applied for lots of other game shows.  He has applied for Wheel of Fortune, Press Your Luck and Price is Right multiple times.

What eventually led to this opportunity, they had posted on their Facebook page, a superfan special that they were doing.  So, he applied for that because he has been watching the show for years and he knows everything there is to know about the show.  So, he applied for it.

They asked a few questions in the interview.  Then, he actually got an email from the show's casting producer to be a potential selection for the show.  Beyond that, then a couple of video interviews and then we would go off onto a zoom call.  Then, the casting producer would say, "Nate Ross, come on down." You would have to run in, jump and scream and do what you would do on the show..

After the whole process, they would select, out of everybody that applied for it, only twenty people as the potential contestants on the show.  He was one of the twenty.  That is what eventually led to him being on the show....

**To read the complete article, check out the upcoming book release They Came From Blair County Volume Three due out by the end of 2024.

**Photos are courtesy of Nate Ross

**Information for this article was obtained through an in-person interview with Nate Ross


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