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Heather Taddy

Altoona native and paranormal researcher and investigator Heather Taddy was on a national television show when she was a junior in college.  Not many college students can say that.

When she was growing up, Heather was always fascinated with the paranormal and aliens.  She was intrigued by people's stories whether they are out and they see something that they can not explain, such as the infamous white lady or whether they live in a haunted house with a lot of dark history.


She grew up wanting to have experiences.  She was always the girl who went to abandoned haunted buildings with a video camera and a Ouija board and she wanted something to happen and wanted to catch evidence.  She also wanted to know what happens when you die.  


At Penn State, she joined the Penn State Paranormal Research Society or PRS for short.  She was training to be a field investigator.  Of course, she wanted to get access to really haunted places to see what she could experience.

To read Heather's Complete interview, please check out our upcoming book They Came From Blair County to be released by the end of 2020.

**Information for this article was obtained through an in person interview with Heather Taddy

Follow Heather at her website 

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