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Alana Norris

Though the outcome wasn't what she had hoped, teenager Alana Norris had the experience of a lifetime when she auditioned for The Voice in February 2020.  She says that she went to Baltimore on the fourteenth and stayed until the seventeenth.  She was initially told that she would probably receive a call back audition within two days.

However, she never received the call.  So, she came back home.  She ended up getting the call a month later.

Alana says that her journey began when a lot of her friends kept telling her that she should audition.  " I was posting videos to my mom's Facebook page.  I had 1500 views."

So, just to see how it would go,  she decided to put in for it.  She did it online.  The first stage was that you had to be accepted through submission.  "I had to send a video and had to tell a little bit about myself." Then, she was given selections for an open call audition.  She went to Baltimore because it was the closest.  The other choices were Indiana and Tennessee.

When she arrived, there were around ten thousand people there.  They were auditioning all day.  Then, she came back home and didn't hear anything and didn't hear anything.  She says that she didn't think that she got through.  "I was really upset because I thought that I left a lot of people down."

She later found out that she went up against someone who was a celebrity's child and they didn't get through.

She ended up going to a different audition when she came back because she didn't think that she had gotten through.  This one was for Altoona's Got Talent.  She made it through to the live shows.

Five days after she auditioned for Got Talent, she received an email from The Voice casting department.  They mentioned a call back audition.  However, she didn't tell her mom about it until two days later.  "I thought that maybe it was nothing and they were sending it to everybody." She says that it took her awhile for her to decide whether or not to say something.  Once she decided to move forward, she read the email to her mom. She took a picture of it and posted it.  None of the other people who she knew had auditioned, said that they had received anything close to that....

***Information for this article was obtained through a phone interview with Alana Norris***

***Photos are provided by Alana Norris

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