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Typhani Russo

For those young girls that had ever dreamed of walking the runways of New York's Fashion Week, but you thought, "I  can't do that.  I am from little old Altoona." It can be done.  Just ask Altoona native aand model Typhani Russo.

She began her professional modeling career at the age of twenty-one.  She entered a contest on Facebook.  That is how it all began.  The contest was through Supermodels Unlimited.  She became a finalist and eventually got into the magazine with a Rising Star Page.

From there, she made the trip to The Bronx in New York.  Though she had been to New York City befiore, this was her first journey to The Bronx.  She had a photo shoot with a highly acclaimed photographer and as a result she saw her picture in a national magazine for the first time.  The feeling she said "Was amazing!!"


For Typhani's complete interview, please check out the upcoming book They Came From Blair County due to be released by the end of 2020.



**Information for this article was obtained through an in person interview with Typhani Russo

**Photos are from the perssonal collection of Typhani Russo's

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