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Cambria County

The following list of notable people were either born in, raised in or are somehow associated with Cambria County.  This list is far from complete.  We will be continuously adding to and updating it.  If you know of anyone that may be deserving to be added to this list because of something great that hey have accomplished either in their professional or personal lives , please fill out the submission form by clicking on the button below.

Ed Adamchik- Football

Alex Azar- Government Official

John Badaczewski- Football

Carroll Baker- Actress

Donald L. Barlett- Journalist and Author

Alan Baylock- Composer and Bandleader

Frank Benford- Electrical engineer and Physicist

Robert Bernat- Composer

Mel Bosser- Baseball

Tony Bova- Football

Jeff Bower- Basketball

Paul Boyton- Showman

Edward R Bradley- Businessman and Thoroughbred horse Breeder

Patty Bradley- Marino- Track and Field

Tom Bradley- Football coach

Lisa Britt- Basketball

Charles Bronson- Actor

John Brody- Labor Union Leader

Charles Burns- Boxing

Charles Wakefield Cadman- Composer

Charles E Capeheart- Civil War Officer

Henry Capeheart- Civil War Officer and Surgeon

James Casorio- Politician

Lesley Cens-McDowell- Triathlon

Kent John Chabotar- College President

Len Chappell- Basketball

Ripper Collins- Baseball

Robert Conway- US Navy Officer

D.C. Cooper- Singer and Musician

George S Cooper- Sports Promotion

Edgar Cortright- Scientist, Engineer and NASA Official

Joey Covington- Drummer

Roger Craig- Jeopardy Contestant

Pat Cummings- Basketball

Elmer M Daily- Baseball Executive

Joe DelSignore- Water Skiing

Ed Denk- Football

Frank Dezelan- Baseball Umpire

Steve Ditko- Creator of Spider- Man

August "Augie" Donatelli- Baseball Umpire

Pete Duranko- Football

Tammy Etienne- Track and Field

SGT. Augustin D. Flanagan-Medal of Honor Receipient

Calvin Fowler- Basketball

Pauline Frederick- Journalist

Alan Freed- Disc Jockey

Leon Gajecki- Football

Jim Gallagher Jr- Golfer and Sportscaster

Josh Gallagher- Singer (The Voice Contestant)

Demetrius Augustine Gallitzin- Roman Catholic Priest and Russian Aristocrat

Al Gionfriddo- Baseball

George Glamack- Basketball

Moses Gray- Football

Craig Grebeck- Baseball

Count Grog- Wrestling Manager and Promoter

Don Hall- Hockey

Jack Ham- Football

Bill Hartack- Horse Jockey

Carlton Haselrig- Football

Andrew Hawkins- Football

Artrell Hawkins- Football

Galen Head- Hockey

Dana Heinze- Hockey Equipoment Manager

Victor Heiser- Physician, Author and 1889 Flood Survivor

Nicholas "Nat" Hickey- Baseball and Basketball

Shawn Hillegas- Baseball

Tamar Simon Hoffs- Film Director, Writer and Producer

Mike Holtz- Baseball

Matthew C Horner- Officer in The US Marine Corps

Jeff Hostetler- Football

Gary Hrivnak- Football

Helen Hughes- Actress

Incantation- Band

E. Snapper Ingram- Politician

Mike Iuzzolino- Basketball

Robert T Jeschonek- Author

Ed Johnston- Hockey

Patricia Egan Jones- Politician

Tom Kalmanir- Football

Tim Kazurinsky- Actor

Andrew Kerr- Football

Frank Kiraly- Golf

Nick Kolarac- Soccer

Ron Kostelnik- Football

Frank Kostro- Baseball

John Michael Kudrick- Eastern Catholic prelate

Frank Kush- Football

Maureen Latterner-Brown- Basketball and Handball

Scott Layden- Basketball Coach

George and Fran Leitenberger- Auto Racing

Peter Henry Lemke- German Roman Catholic Missionary

Leroy Leslie Jr- Basketball

Victoria Lipnic- Commissioner of the US Equal Opportunity Commission

Natalia Livingston- Actress

Olivia Locher- Photographer

Brennan Manning- Author, Laicized Priest and Public Speaker

John Matsko- Football

Randy Mazey- Baseball

John McCarthy- Football

Tom  McGough- Baseball

Terry McGovern- Boxing

Karlee McQuillen- Track and Field

Charles T Menoher- US Army General

Charlie Metro- Baseball

John Mitchell- Hockey

Steve Molnar- Distance Running

John Murtha- Politician

John A Nagy- Writer

John Naioti- Football

David Noon- Classical Composer

Michael Novak- Catholic Philospher, journalist, novelist and diplomat

Frank Oceak- Baseball

Joe O'Donnell- Photojournalist

Dr. David O'Loughlin- Tennis

Ernie Oravetz- Baseball

Steve Oroho- Politician

Sue Panek- Basketball

Regis Parton- Actor

Joe Pass- Jazz Guitarist

Robert Peary- Explorer

Chris Peduzzi- Football Athletic Trainer

Gene Pentz- Baseball

Steve Petro- Football

Herb Pfuhl- Politician

Jock Phenicie- Boxing

Tadeusz Piotrowski- Sociologist

Teresa S Polley- President and COO of the Financial Accounting Foundation

John Polonia- Video Director, Actor and Writer

Mark Polonia- Video Director, Editor and Writer

Joe Popp- Football

Kevin Porter- Basketball

William Thornton Pryce- United States Diplomat

Alexander Ratiu- Romanian-American Priest

Cadwalader T Reese- Football

Joe Restic- Football

Jeff Richardson- Football

Wilbur A. "Roxey" Roach- Baseball

Don Rullman- Mono Skiing

Mike Ryba- Baseball

Dean Santoro- Actor

Charles M Schwab- Steel Magnate

Ray Scott- Sportscaster

Brian Sell- Long Distance Running

Russell Shorto- Author, historian and Journalist

Edward A Silk- Medal Of Honor Recipient

Geroy Simon- Football

Mark Singel- Politician

Emil Sitka- Actor

Evan Slonac- Football

Steve Smear- Football

Frank Solich- Football Coach

LaRod Stephens-Howling- Football

Chris Stewart- Hockey Athletic Trainer

John Stofa- Football

Edward "Doc" Stofko Sr- Football

Maurice Stokes- Basketball

Michael Strank- Iwo Jima Flag Raiser

Brian Subich- Competitive Eater

Charles "Chuck" Taylor- Boxing

Thomas Joseph Tobin-Prelate of The Roman Catholic Church

John J Tominac- Medal of Honor Recipient

Bill Tremel- Baseball

Kristal Uzelac- Gymnast

Norm Van Lier- Basketball

Anthony "Tony" Venzon- Baseball Umpire

Richard Verma- Diplomat

Pete Vuckovich- Baseball

Boyd Wagner- Aviator

John Walker=- Organist

Tom Walter- Baseball

Larry Walton- Football

Johnny Weismuller- Swimmer and Tarzan

Howard Wendell- Actor

Ian Williams- Musician

Nan Wynn- Big Band singer and actress

Thomas Yewcic- Baseball and Football

Bria Young- Basketball (Harlem Globetrotter)

Russell Zguta- Scholar 

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