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Alivia Snyder

What were you doing when you were fourteen years old? Like myself,  I could probably bet that you were not running your own business which includes sales on regional and national levels.

Imler native Alivia Snyder is not like normal teenagers.  She raises dairy goats.  Currently, she has ten and shows them through 4-H.  She breeds and sells her dairy goats and makes goat milk soap.

Snyder has always been interested in dairy.  She, originally wanted dairy cows for awhile, but then she realized that there were dairy goats.  "We had two goats in the beginning and then I wanted something to milk.  So, I got another goat, which we named Cleo.  I milked her for a good while.  We got so much milk.  We were drinking it and making ice cream.  Then, we tried to make soap.  After many trials and errors, we figured out our own recipe.  Then, we got into lotions, lotion bars and chapstick.

Snyder says that she sells her products at local craft shows along with selling them in several local stores while also marketing them on her Facebook page.  She adds that they have sold to customers in a variety of states including Texas.  She remembers that it all started as gifts to family.

She also shows her goats and has received several awards for her efforts.  Last year, she won Overall Best in Show with her goat named Snowshoe.  This year, she did really well with one of her junior does.  In Showmanship, she has received first a couple of times.  That is where they judge you on what you know about your goat....

**To read the complete article, check out the upcoming book release They Came From Bedford County.

**Information for this article was obtained through an in -person interview with Alivia and Lori Snyder

**Photos are provided by Lori and Alivia Snyder

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