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Westmoreland County

The following list of noteable people were either born in , raised in or are somehow associated with Westmoreland County.  This list is far from complete.  We will be continuously adding to and updating it.  If you know of anyone that may be deserving to be added to the list because of something great that they have accomplished either in their professional or personal lives, please fill out the submission form by clicking the button below.

Eddie Adams- Photographer

David Alter- inventor

Jason Altmire- Politician

Christian B Anfinsen- Nobel Prize in Chemistry

Karen Angle- Wrestling Performer

Johnny Arthur- Actor

Steve August- Football Player

Kurt Aumer-  Football Player

Pete Babando-  Hockey Player

Paul Bartholomew-  Architect

Steve Belichick-  Football Player and coach

Tony Benjamin-  Football Player

Julie Benz- Actrress

Karen D Beyer- Politician

Randy Bish-  Editorial Cartoonist

Bill Bishop-  Baseball Player

George Blanda-  Football Player

Herbert Boyer- Chemist

Tom Brown-  Football Player

Jaira Burns- singer and songwriter

Jeremiah Burrell- Lawyer and judge

Clara Chiano- Female Professional Baseball Player

Sonny Clark-  Jazz Pianist

James Clarke- Politician

Buster Clarkson-  Baseball Player

Toney Clemons-  Football Player

D.J. Coffman- Comic Book Artist and writer

K.C Constantine- writer

Coolio- Rapper and Actor

Jill Corey- Singer

Walt  Corey-  Football Player and Coach

Johnny Costa- Jazz Pianist

Demetrious Cox- Football Player

Eric Crabtree- Football Player

Claire Cribbs-  Basketball Player

Doug Crusan-  Football Player

Stephen Dau- Author

Ambrose Battista DePaoli-  Roman Catholic Archbishop

Brett Detar- Sommgwriter, musician and record producer

Ray DiPalma- Poet

Angelo Donghia - Interior Designer

Bobby Engram - Football Player

Eli Evankovich- Politician

Keith Ferrazzi- Author and Entrepeneur

Dennis Ferry- Trumpeter

Frank Fitzsimmons-  President of The Teamsters

Tom Flynn-  Football Player

Gregory S Forbes-  Meteorologist for The Weather Channel

Henry Donnel Foster- Politician

Rebecca Franklin-  Food Writer

Todd Gallagher- Social Scientist,  Author, Filmmaker and Comedian

Anthony E Gallo- Playwright

Jack Gantos-  Author

Bob Garber- Baseball Player

John W. Geary-  Civil War General

Doc Gessler- Baseball Player

Mike Getto- Football Player

Paul Gilbert-  Musician

Josiah Given- Soldier, Supreme Court Judge in Iowa

Monica Lee Gradischek-  Voice Actress

Jesse Root Grant-  Father of Ulysses S Grant

Corey Graves- Pro Wrestler

Russ Grimm- Football Player

Slide Hampton- Jazz Musician

Lillian Resler Keister Harford-  Church Organizer and Editor

Jeffrey Hart- Academic

Ernie Hefferle-  Football Coach

Jim Heise-  Baseball Player

LTC Anthony B Herbert- Most decorated American Soldier of The  

         Korean War

E.D. Hill- Football Player

Dick Hoak-  Football Player

Zach Jackson- Baseball Player

Greg Jones- Collegiate Wrestl;er

Shirley Jones-  Actress

Sheila Kelley-  Actress

Lt. Joe Kenda-  Star of homicide Hunter

Peggy King-  50's and 60's pop singer

Raymond V Kirk- President of Duquesne University

Alexis Knapp-  Actress and Singer

Philander C Knox-  Politician

Sarah Kozer- Reality TV Start

Stephanie Kuolek-  Inventor

Lenita Lane-  Actress

Daniel Lentz-  Classical composer

Chris Lightcap-  Jazz Musician

Ray Luzier-  Drummer

Ken Macha-  Baseball Coach

Adam Cardinal Maida-  Archbishop of Detroit

Bill Malinchak- Football Player

Mark J. Markovich-  Football Player

Jackie Mason- Comedian and acgtor

Bill Mazeroski-  Baseball Player

Frances McDormand-  Actress

Scott McKilop- Football Player

William Thomas McKinley-  Composer

Rocco Mediate-  Golfer

Greg Meisner-  Football Player

Jack G Merrell-  USAF Four Star Geneeral

Herman Mihalich-  Politician

Rikki and Vikki Mongeon- Reality TV Personalities

                                              AKA The Ikki Twins

Vaughn Monroe-  Bandleader, singer and actor

Michael Moorer-  Boxer

Bob Moose-  Baseball Player

Herbert Morrison-  Radio Announcer

Marissa Moss-  Author

Mendes Napoli-  Businessman and Talent Agent

Manu Narayan-  Actor

Neon Swing X-Perience- Swing Band

Isaac "Dr. Size"  Nesser-  Guiness Book of World Records

                                            record holder

Armand Niccolai-  Football Player

Jack Onslow-  Baseball Player and Coach

Candace Otto- Miss Pennsylvania 2003

Joe Page-  Baseball Player

Arnold Palmer-  Golfer

James Patterson- Actor

Lillian Peacock-  Actress

William Perry- Politician

Lawrence T Persico- Roman Catholic Bishop

Louie Pessolano-  Football Player

Terelle Pryor-  Football Player

James H Reed-  US Federsl Judge

Jmmy Ripple-  Baseball Player

Lamont "Showboat"  Robinson- Harlem Globetrotter

Fred Rogers-  TV Personality

Rich Rollins-  Baseball Player

Bryan Ropar-  YouTube Personality

Tom Savini-  Makeup Artist

James M Schoomaker-  Civil War Colonel

Fannie Sellins-  TRrade Union- Workers Rights Leader

Chris Shipley-  Technology industry Analyst

William A Shomo-  WWII Medal of honor Recipient

B. Smith- Model, Tv Host and Author

Garrett Smithley-  NASCAR Driver

Athur St Clair-  American Revolution Major General

Jess M Stairs-  Politician

Andy Stynchula-  Football Player

Tom Squitieri-  News Reporter andd Foreign Correspondent

James L Swauger-  Archaeologist

Steve Swetonic-  Baseball Player

Sam Tamburo-  Football Player

Danny Taylor Baseball Player

Blanche Thebom-  Singer

Willie Thrower-  Football Player

Adrea Velis-  Opera Singer

James Veneris-  Soldier

"Uncle" Henry Wallace-  Minister

Bruce Weber-  Fashion Photographer

James C White-  Radio Personality

Jim White-  KMOX Talk Show host

Wlliam Julius Wilson-  Sociologist

Boniface Wimmer-  Monk who founded St Vincent Archabbey

Cyrus E Woods- Politician

Maddie and Mackenzie Ziegler-  Dancers and Actresses

Jacob Zimmerman- Newspaper owner, politician and real estate


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